Recovery Starts Now

To date, some of BakerRipley’s current efforts for our COVID-19 response include:

Drive-thru Food Fairs: Fifty pallets of food have been distributed at the BakerRipley drive-thru distribution fairs which serve 300-500 cars per day at each of our community centers
Meal Deliveries:More than 37,000 meals have been delivered to our community members, including seniors and students
Weekly Senior Calls to Combat Isolation: Each week our volunteers contact 2,041 seniors
Coaching and support: to entrepreneurs and small business owners in order to navigate the economic crisis and stay afloat Developing
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): BakerRipley’s Fab Lab Houston has produced more than 1200 pieces of PPE
• Virtual access to our Immigration and Citizenship services, including council with our Immigration attorneys
• Implementing online, digital strategies in all of our educational programs for adults and children

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BakerRipley is proactively communicating with our staff on a regular basis. Please check our social media channels and our closures page for ongoing updates.