Your gift will be doubled. You will have twice the impact for so many Houston children.

After her mom’s terrible car wreck in Venezuela, Sharon Campos and her family came to Houston looking for healing, support, and opportunities for a bright future in their new home.

Unfortunately, when Sharon enrolled in school, what she found was a language barrier. And because of that, she learned firsthand about bullying.

“They would make fun of me because of the way I spoke,” said Sharon. “Sometimes people might think it’s playful, but it can be hurtful. At times it’s hard to realize that is happening. It can even come from a good friend.”

Sharon persevered. She learned to speak English. But her challenges weren’t over. Sharon was shocked when a fellow student committed suicide.

That’s when she turned to the BakerRipley Gulfton Sharpstown Campus, and the programs and resources made available by donors like you.

Despite her uncertainty, Sharon joined the Young Leaders program, a donor-supported opportunity that offered academic and personal development activities. There, Sharon opened up about her struggles and experiences with bullying. She was surprised when her new friends revealed that she wasn’t alone; they experienced the same things.

Inspired by this revelation, Sharon and her fellow Young Leaders dreamed up a powerful idea: the #Awearness brand clothing line, crafted to raise awareness around pressing issues many kids are facing today.

“BakerRipley gave me the confidence that I needed, the confidence to do what I needed to do to get through this. I need to do better. I need to do it for my friends, my family, and I need to do it for myself.”

Right now, you have the opportunity to create more stories of growth and life change like Sharon’s. When you make your gift today, it will be doubled through a gift matching challenge.

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