Claudia Aguirre is BakerRipley’s President and CEO.

After working tirelessly in government, community-based organizations and schools for more than twenty-three years, Claudia Aguirre knows what it takes to build vibrant communities.

Aguirre is responsible for unifying programs that support strengthening community engagement, improving financial well-being and increasing educational attainment in every community we serve. Working side-by-side with community leaders, partners and residents, she is responsible for crafting a collective vision and designing program plans that best support the hardworking people we serve.

Aguirre believes that healthy children and families are both the product and producers of healthy communities and that building on existing individual, neighborhood assets, and resources, rather than looking at what is not working, is the key to true neighborhood transformation.

Aguirre joined the BakerRipley team in February 2010 as Vice President of Community Based Initiatives, overseeing initiatives that support the educational and financial aspirations of hardworking families across Houston. In 2014, she also became Superintendent of Promise Community Schools supporting children birth to 8th grade.

Aguirre holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Saint Edward’s University. She is certified in Special Education instruction and English as a Second Language Instruction. She also holds a Principal’s Middle Management and Superintendent Certification.

Prior to joining BakerRipley, Aguirre served as the director of the Citizen’s Assistance Office for the Office of City of Houston Mayor Bill White. She also served under Mayor Bob Lanier and her tenure with the City of Houston includes coordination and oversight of community initiatives for the city of Houston. Aguirre launched her career in community and neighborhood development efforts in 1993. Since then she has lead community based organizations, schools and government entities.