Welcome to the BakerRipley brand standards page

Here you will find instructions on how to communicate and represent BakerRipley visually across all forms of communication.

We believe this refreshed look, feel, and tone of the brand will inspire exceptional work that reflects our commitment to serving our Neighbors and communities.

The 2023 BakerRipley Brand Refresh is for print and digital media formats. While there may be interest in minor collateral purchases, there’s no need to replace your existing logoed items.

Please review the Brand Guidelines and videos to inform yourself about the use of our brand assets. For more information email marketing@bakerripley.org

Watch this video to learn more:


A New Us

Say hello to our new logo.

The new iteration of our Heart House has rounded and softer corners and is more compact, cleaner, and bolder to express positiveness and vibrancy.

This brand refresh allows for the removal of the tagline, “Community Developers”, by doing so, the BakerRipley name and logo will appear independently in a stronger and larger format.

Our new colors are a reflection of the work we want to represent. They are vibrant, positive, and visually attractive.


Introducing Heart City

What better place for our Heart House to live than in Heart City?

Heart city is the foundation of the new visuals; it is a map illustration of a city that puts BakerRipley in the center, just like our centers are the hub for our communities to thrive.


All the key Brand elements, logo, colors, shapes, and typefaces work together to convey an idea.

To bring the message to life.

To attract people into knowing who we are and what we do.

To deeply understand the cause and to encourage them to not to be shy to ask for help from us.

To make them excited, happy and ready to help and work along with us.


BakerRipley Marketing and Communications Resources

Do you have questions for the marketing team?

Email marketing@bakerripley.org for answers.

Do you need marketing support for a new project?

Click here to submit a new marketing project request.

Do you need communications or media support?

Email communications@bakerripley.org or call the BakerRipley 24 hour media line at (832) 963-3678.

View The Branding And Styles Guidelines Document

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