How do you think computers remember things?

It’s just a computer chip, nothing to be scared of.

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For the love of reading

“Helping people brings me joy - seeing them learn something new and seeing when it clicks.”

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Stories from the Recovery: A new lease on life

“The financial assistance and the finished bathroom is a dream come true - and a prayer answered,” Melba said. “I’m so grateful for my case manager, the builders and BakerRipley.“

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Here's How We Welcome: Q&A on Immigration

No matter where you stand on the issue, most would agree U.S. immigration policy is complex, confusing and controversial.

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HUMAN: Refugee family reunites after three years

Santosh was forced to flee Nepal in 2014. He had to wait three years to reunite with his wife and meet his daughter for the first time.

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An Immersive Experience: Walking in an Immigrant’s Shoes

When people arrived at In Good Company, they were given a nametag – with someone else’s name.

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