An Immersive Experience: Walking in an Immigrant’s Shoes

When people arrived at In Good Company, they were given a nametag – with someone else’s name.

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Houston, we have a Fab Lab!

A brand new Fab Lab is under construction in the BakerRipley East Aldine Campus and is set to open in late summer.

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HUMAN: The Power of Dialogue

Every year, the annual Heart of Gold luncheon celebrates our agency’s history, leaders, partners and neighbors. This year, we tried something different.

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Why Black Panther and Representation Matters

Representation has the ability to awaken the spirit of justice within the human soul.

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Stories from the Recovery: Monique's Journey

Monique Lampkin experienced financial hardship during the months following Hurricane Harvey, but that didn’t stop her from asking for help and getting back on her feet.

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BakerRipley’s approach to long-term disaster recovery

We have put in place disaster recovery programs which will be responsive to the needs of our neighbors and we are focused on providing resources to help those in need and to alleviate human suffering caused by the storm.

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