The Truth about JUNETEENTH

“In recent years the sentiment about Juneteenth that I felt growing up seems to be eroding.” - Marlon A. Smith, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Policy and Engagement.

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Entrepreneur Connection: Starting a trucking business

BakerRipley’s Entrepreneur Connection program helps neighbors start a trucking business.

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Stories from the Recovery: It’s all about choices in home restoration

“The work you all do enabled a miracle in my family member Stella Overton’s life, renewed her spirit and helped my family give our matriarch happiness in her twilight years. Thanks to BakerRipley, Harvey wasn’t an ending, it was a new beginning.” – Mike Spriggs.

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Why our approach is different

Our Senior Vice President of Program Planning & Evaluation explains how we work in communities and why that’s changed over time.

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So, what does BakerRipley actually do?

We hear this question a lot. The short answer?

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Disaster Recovery Update

May 2018 Update: Learn about the impact of our disaster recovery work

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Make a Connection

Follow the stories from our neighborhoods on social media, and tell yours!