Helping seniors realize their genius

Smart people learn from experiences. Wise people learn from the experience of others.

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Angela Blanchard, President and CEO, announces her new role at the Agency.

Angela shares words of wisdom and parting words with the BakerRipley staff.

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Meet Raul

“The Community engineers program trained me to know how to really be involved, to unite the community and to be a voice for the neighbors,” Raul said.

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I just called to say...

Senior telephone program inspires daily conversations.

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"The Station" Skatepark is a concrete reality

“I’m feeling spectacular. I’ve never felt this anxiety, happiness and exctasy at the same time. It’s awesome,” said Cameron Wienman, a High School student and one of the skater visionaries.

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Friendly Aid to All Those Within Reach

The economic, political and social climate will continue to evolve, but our core mission to improve the lives of our neighbors and communities will always be the same.

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Make a Connection

Follow the stories from our neighborhoods on social media, and tell yours!