Teddy Bears from Dallas

Posted on October 3, 2017

We’ve been inundated with gestures of love and kindness during the past few weeks as we move on and rebuild after the storm. Some of these came from kids looking to cheer us up – and they did just that.

Hudson Voss, an 8-year-old from Dallas, collected and delivered hundreds of teddy bears to kids affected by the storm in our East Aldine community last week. When Hudson saw images of Houston after Harvey hit he wanted to help. At first he wanted to come down in a boat and rescue people, but his dad explained that wouldn’t be possible.

As they thought of ways to make kids feel better, his dad asked, what makes you happy?

And Hudson said “Teddy Bears.”

That’s when he decided to start a drive at school to collect teddy bears. He collected hundreds of them with the help of his parents and friend Kallon. On his day off from school last week Hudson and his family loaded up a U-Haul and drove down to Houston to deliver them. The simple gesture brought countless smiles to kids in our community.

A big thanks to Hudson and his family!

Amy Voss, Hudson Voss, Kallon and Bruce Voss deliver teddy bears in East Aldine.