Leading by example

Posted on October 27, 2016

We see leaders in our communities every day. From the community engineers who organized to control stray animals in their neighborhood, to the teens who worked with private funders, city officials and our organization to build a $1 million skate park in our Gulfton Neighborhood, these bold individuals make a difference because they’re willing to step up.

Leaders naturally rise up without any desire for title, or recognition. They are looking for the best out of their communities, and are willing to have the toughest conversations to create change. They’re willing to welcome everyone, and get the job done – no matter what it takes.

We don’t have to stand in their way, or hold their hands – we don’t need to. We show them how to use the power they already have to do the things that will make a lasting impact.

We are at a crucial point in our country’s history. We need innovative leaders who unify all people and work together to solve our most pressing challenges. Leaders like the Community Engineers who are willing to create change even when it’s difficult and who will embrace the ideas of others so that everyone has a chance to earn, learn and belong.

We all have a stake in this, and we all have a voice.

So, let’s use it.

Get involved and be a leader in your community. Join us for upcoming volunteer opportunities and make a difference in neighborhoods across Houston.