Friendly Aid to All Those Within Reach

Posted on March 21, 2017

The why of our existence never falters – in fact, by staying true to our values we’ve positively impacted our neighbors and communities for more than 110 years.

This agency started during a period of uncertainty, but people found comfort, safety and community in the Settlement Houses founded by Alice Graham Baker in 1907. Her simple vision, “educational, industrial, social and friendly aid to all those within reach” still holds true today and guides the work we do every day.

That’s why the stories we tell today are no different to the ones we told a century ago. Our work does not exist apart from what’s happening around the world. We always try to be responsive to what’s around us. We do not see people as a problem; we see them as the solution. We work alongside them, but don’t do it for them.

We welcome mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and grandparents looking for opportunity. We meet these individuals when they walk into our community centers. We see them when they bring their children to our schools; when we register them for English classes. We see them when they start their own business. We see them when they land a new job. We see them when they get to vote for the very first time. We see them belong and eventually give back to the city.

Our job as content creators is to tell their stories; the human stories of aspirations, strength and determination that have always fueled our work- even in the toughest of realities. We are not red or blue, black or white, left or right. At BakerRipley we are committed to keeping Houston a place of opportunity for everyone and that’s what we set to do every day.

The economic, political and social climate will continue to evolve, but our core mission to improve the lives of our neighbors and communities will always be the same.