From learning English to GED graduate of the year

“I don’t know where I would be without the teachers that have helped me along the way,” Luiz Cuevas

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Young and old come together through poetry

Our new pilot program brings young and old together through poetry. It helps seniors find a renewed sense of purpose while providing youth with valuable life lessons.

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A battle with depression inspired her to help other women

After battling with depression for two years, Lorena found encouragement when she visited Harbach – Ripley to participate in various wellness initiatives. There she began conquering her fears and flourishing as a leader.

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We need to talk…

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"What really bothered me, was thinking of how they would kill my daughter"

Targeted for being a lesbian and a former police officer Doris and her daughter fled El Salvador seeking asylum. Leslie Crow, one of our immigration attorneys, writes about her improbable story.

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Resilient cities plan for urban migration

While national leaders establish borders and visa regimes, local authorities are responsible for welcoming new arrivals.

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