Harvey two-year anniversary in the news


BakerRipley has recently been featured in the news for our disaster recovery efforts and helping the region bounce back from this devastating storm.

KPRC-NBC, Channel 2 News Houston - Two years after Hurricane Harvey, 83-year-old woman finally back in home

Twitter, by JJ Watt - JJ Watt Foundation Two-year Harvey Anniversary Update

Read more about our impact in disaster recovery and how we’ve rebuilt communities two years after Hurricane Harvey.

How to get started

BakerRipley is coordinating our disaster recovery services through the United Way of Greater Houston 2-1-1 Resource and Referral line. If you are in need of assistance to help in your recovery from Hurricane Harvey, call 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE to get connected to BakerRipley or other disaster recovery agencies.

Who is eligible?

If you live in Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery or Waller counties and were affected by Hurricane Harvey, you can receive assistance from the BakerRipley Disaster Recovery Services program. Our focus at BakerRipley has been on our most vulnerable neighbors; those families who may not have had a safety net – no savings, no insurance and no extra income accessible. Learn about how we approach disaster recovery.

How we can help

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Our experience with Disaster Recovery has taught us two things:
1. The critical need for local response to be swift and immediate in order to rebuild and recover.
2. Individualized case management is at the foundation of our work and it’s the key to a region’s success.

Four service areas

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We continue to help communities move forward in four distinct ways:

  1. Disaster Case Management – through this program, our disaster case managers help neighbors develop a recovery plan and identify and secure services and resources.

  2. Unmet Needs Funds – we provide individuals and households with financial assistance, from temporary housing to furniture and appliance replacement, to address their recovery needs.

  3. Minor Home Restoration – we help homeowners return to their homes and provide the financial assistance to make their homes safe, secure and habitable.

  4. Neighborhood Restoration Centers – we assist neighbors, in heavily-impacted neighborhoods, connect to services and identify resources at six physical locations. We partnered with the City of Houston and Harris County to operate Neighborhood Restoration Centers (NRC) for over a year as part of an ongoing effort to help our neighbors affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Additional resources

The Home Restoration Resource Guide is intended to assist those recovering from Harvey understand the repair process for their homes if they were damaged during the storm. It also offers information on other agencies assisting in Harvey recovery.

The Mental Health and Wellness Guide provides both local and national resources that could be helpful to you or someone you know who is faced with a crisis, a traumatic event or some type of abuse.

Stories from our neighbors
Read about how we’ve helped our neighbors, like Stella, Melba, Dorothy and Amber, and how we can help you start on your path to recovery today.

Setting Up the Largest Mass Shelter After the Storm

Our experience with hurricane relief has taught us that disaster case management, while usually a long-term service, begins as part of the short-term response. Our 25-day deployment and success at the NRG Center shelter welcomed more than 7,400 neighbors and managed over 24,000 volunteers. Learn about how we helped our neighbors at the BakerRipley NRG Center Shelter.

Take action

Anyone, anywhere can help strengthen and rebuild communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. It takes a village and together we can recover from this unprecedented storm.

Click here to donate

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BakerRipley would like to thank the generosity of many individuals, corporations, foundations and agencies, who provided the funding assistance people need to recover from Harvey.

Disclaimer: Disaster case management services are based on capacity. In addition, financial assistance is based on the availability of funds and is not guaranteed.

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